Electrical Services

Electrical upgrades to boost your home office

Has working from home become the new normal for you? If so, we imagine your home office space is very sacred. 

By now, you will be aware of how important the setup is in order to help make working from home successful, and we’re here to share with you in this blog a few things you can do electrical wise, that can really improve your home office space. 

  1. Lighting – There’s nothing worse than spending a whole day squinting. It won’t do your eyes, back or productivity any good in the long run. Good lighting is a crucial element to get right in your home office space and is definitely the first area we would suggest investing in. It doesn’t cost a great deal either – task lighting, ambient lighting and overhead lighting are all great places to start. 
  2. Ensure you have enough plug sockets – If your home office is in a room where you only have one plug socket but multiple electronic devices, this will quickly become an issue. Yes, extension cables are an option, but overpowering extension cables with a number of high powered devices is not recommended. Get in contact with a reputable electrician who will be able to quickly advise you on the best route to adding new power sockets into your home office. 
  3. Consider a hard wired internet connection – There are very few people who are fortunate to exist without ever experiencing wifi issues, however working from home in an area with poor connection and experiencing significant wifi problems is a real pain, particularly for those who regularly hold video meetings. Getting a hard wired connection provides you with a much better reliable connection, along with being safer. 
  4. Dedicated computer circuit – The majority of our homes are not built for handling working from home every day and as a result, the use of multiple high powered electronic devices can lead to your current circuit being overloaded. When circuits do trip it can lead to damage of sensitive electronics along with valuable work being lost. Having a dedicated circuit isolates your home office technology from other devices in the house, helping to keep your work from the home environment running as smoothly as possible. 

The demands of a home office can be hard on your electrics in the house. Whether it’s a small job or complete rewiring, our team has the skills and experience to ensure you have a home office fully capable of allowing you to work to the best of your ability.